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Air Conditioners



No one has a back up cooling system, so when the heat hits the Lewis Clark Valley and your AC isn’t working you need someone FAST. So, who you gonna call? KINZER AIR.


We have the coolest customers in the Valley.  Count on staying cool and comfortable with Kinzer Air.

We can tell you all kinds of technical stuff about air conditioners, but what’s important is changing your air filters and keeping the landscape about 2 feet away for your outdoor unit.  And the dog, keep Fido away from the outdoor unit.  When Fido lifts his leg to urinate and mark his territory, repeatedly soaking your AC. The chemicals in his urine eat away at metal, especially aluminum which is what your AC coils are.  We call it dog cancer.  Its not good.



Air conditioners are measured in tons. Do you know why?

Quick Answer:

A long time ago, before air conditioners, cooling was done by big blocks of ice.  Cooling machines rated their cooling capacity by the amount of ice melted in a day, which is where the “ton” came from.  A ton of cooling is now defined as delivering 12,000 BTUs (British Thermal Unit- an the British don’t use this unit, weird, right?) of cooling a hour. Residential air conditioners are anywhere from 1 to 5 tons.

Kinzer Air offers financing for your heating and cooling systems!  If your current system needs replaced or you are looking to make an upgrade to a more efficient system we can help with those costs.  We have different financing options available.  Please contact Kinzer Air for a credit application.